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About Profire Energy

Ningbo Xinzhe Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional sheet metal stamping supplier in China, specializing in the production of auto parts, agricultural machinery parts, engineering machinery parts, construction engineering parts, garden parts, environmentally friendly machinery parts, ship parts, aviation parts, pipe fittings, and hardware Tool accessories, toy accessories, electronic accessories, etc.
Each of our production links has complete and professional facilities. From the selection of raw materials to the packaging and transportation of goods, we pay more attention to the high standards of details. We have strict requirements on delivery time. Our purpose is simple. We are committed to providing customers with consistently high-quality spare parts and excellent services, meeting customer requirements, striving to expand market share, and establishing long-term cooperative relationships with customers.
With strong technical reserves and rich industry knowledge and experience, we are able to provide R&D that meets customized needs.
We focus on this industry. Join us to explore the market together and pursue what we want!

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    Surface roughness (machining term)

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