Custom Metal Stamping Service

Custom Metal Stamping Service

Metal stamping is the process of placing flat sheet metal in blank or coil form into a stamping machine where tooling and die surfaces form the metal into a mesh. Metal stamping includes various sheet metal forming manufacturing processes such as stamping, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging and embossing using a mechanical press or stamping machine.

The custom metal stamping can produce parts with the same size and precision, but our factory can also change the stamping die according to customer requirements to produce parts with different shapes, precision and sizes. Our company has a professional and dedicated design and management team. From product design, mold manufacturing, molding to product assembly, every link and process has been strictly tested and controlled to provide customers with various custom stamping products.

Why choose us?

We look at every product and process from the standpoint of lowest cost material (not to be confused with lowest quality) combined with maximized production systems that can remove as much non-value labor as possible while ensuring that the process can give 100% product quality.

 Verify that each item complies with the necessary requirements, tolerances, and surface polish. Monitor the progress of the machining. Our quality control system has received ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification.

Since 2016, it has been exporting to other countries while also offering OEM and ODM services. As a result, it has gained the confidence of more than 100 clients both domestically and internationally and developed close working ties with them.

 The business employs 30 professionals and technicians and has a 4000㎡ factory.

The workshop has 32 punch presses of various tonnages, the largest of which is 200 tons, and specializes in providing customers with various customized stamping products.

We offer all surface treatments you require to produce a superb finished product, including sandblasting, polishing, anodizing, electroplating, laser etching, and painting.

Company Profile

The 2016-founded Ningbo Xinzhe Metal Products Co., Ltd. has more than 7 years of expertise producing custom metal stamping. Precision stamping and mass manufacture of intricate stamping components are the main emphasis of our facility. It offers creative solutions for your difficult items based on its refined production method and cutting-edge industrial technologies.Over the years, we have been adhering to the business tenet of "survival by quality, development by reputation", and are committed to providing you with high-quality products and high-quality services. With a professional and dedicated design and management team, from product design, mold manufacturing, molding to product assembly, every link and process has been strictly tested and controlled.


Our Metal Stamping Case

The top producer of precise medical equipment stamping parts in China

Medical device stamping is extremely specialized parts created to satisfy the particular requirements of the healthcare sector. These components are made using a stamping method, which uses hydraulic presses to exert intense pressure on metal sheets to shape and deform them into the required shapes and sizes. For the medical equipment they are a part of to operate properly, the precision and accuracy of these components are essential.


Design, prototyping, testing, and serial manufacturing are all steps in the intricate process of medical device stamping. A 3D model of the medical equipment that will be manufactured is created during the design process and utilized to create a prototype. Testing is done on prototypes to make sure they adhere to all requirements.

Our business specializes in producing micro deep drawing stamping and precision stamping, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of medical stamping parts!


Leading producer of auto stamping parts in China

Currently, metal stamping product is employed in many different industries, including those that deal with autos, household appliances, construction, etc. Among these, the metal stamping industry's contribution to automobile stamping is significant.

The capacity to swiftly create a large quantity of components is one of the key benefits of automobile stamping. This is crucial for the automobile sector, as producers turn out tens of thousands of vehicles annually. They can accomplish this fast and effectively with automotive stamping, which lowers costs and boosts production.Another benefit of automobile stampings is their high level of accuracy. 

Stamping machines are made to cut and shape metal to the precise measurements needed for each item, guaranteeing that every component is similar to the next. Vehicle reliability and safety depend on this accuracy.

We now have commercial connections with several well-known companies, including Ford and Volkswagen. We are certain that our stamping technology strength can increase clients' marketing competitiveness thanks to our extensive expertise in stamping die design and quality control. Our competent R&D staff can fulfill any special requests from clients. Simply send us a CAD or 3D floor layout, and we'll take care of everything else until your order shows up. You are invited to examine the metal components' quality and our customer service.

China's leading manufacturer of electronic accessories stamping

Xinzhe provides high-quality, cutting-edge components to various customers in the communication field. We are a trusted supplier of various electronic accessories.

To produce high-quality electronic accessories stamping parts, it is first necessary to carry out precise stamping process planning. This includes designing suitable molds, selecting high-quality raw materials, controlling appropriate stamping temperature and pressure, etc. The precision stamping process will ensure product accuracy, reliability and compliance to specifications.

Another key element is total control when cleaning and packaging products. Cleanliness is one of the decisive factors in determining the quality of stamped products for electronic accessories. During the manufacturing process, products are affected by a variety of impurities and contaminants, including oils, oxide layers and dust. Therefore, the product needs to be deeply cleaned and sealed and moisture-proof when packaged.

To sum up, for the production of high-quality electronic accessories stamping products, it is necessary to choose a stamping company with rich experience and technology. Our company should be able to provide a complete set of mature stamping process solutions to ensure that the produced products meet specifications, have high precision and high reliability.

Stamping Features

1. The dimensional accuracy of stamping parts is guaranteed by the mold, which has the same characteristics, so the quality is stable and the interchangeability is good.

2. Due to mold processing, it is possible to obtain parts with thin walls, light weight, good rigidity, high surface quality and complex shapes that cannot or are difficult to manufacture by other processing methods.

3. Stamping processing generally does not need to heat the blank, nor does it cut a large amount of metal like cutting processing, so it not only saves energy, but also saves metal.

4. Ordinary presses can produce dozens of pieces per minute, while high-speed presses can produce hundreds or thousands of pieces per minute. Therefore, it is an effective processing method.

Due to the above outstanding features, stamping technology is widely used in various fields of the national economy. Not only is it widely used in the industry, but everyone is in direct contact with stamping products every day. It is used for stamping small precision parts for clocks and instruments, and for making large casings for cars and tractors.


Custom Metal Stamping 

Metal stamping is a type of metal processing technique that relies on the plastic deformation of metal. To deform or split the sheet of metal into a certain shape, size, or performance, stamping equipment and molds are applied pressure to the sheet of metal components .

Custom Metal stamping is a processing technique that uses less material and has excellent production efficiency. The stamping process is appropriate for making large quantities of components and goods since it is simple to automate and mechanize while also having a high rate of production.

The four fundamental steps of the stamping process are punching, bending, deep drawing, fine blanking, and partial shaping.


Aluminum Stamping

Aluminum products may be mechanically processed into a variety of forms because to their relatively great plasticity. In terms of mold design, there are single punch, continuous, composite, flat punch, half-cut punch, and shallow punch for stamping, to provide an example. Stretch thoroughly. There are several technological processes including stamping, bending, rolling, and shrinking.


High dimensional precision, good proportion and consistency with the size of the modules, and acceptable interchangeability are all characteristics of aluminum stamping components used in aluminum products.

Stainless Steel Stamping

Stainless steel stamping parts refer to stamping products made of stainless steel materials. Generally, stainless steel stamping parts are processed and produced.


(1) Defects such as high yield point, high hardness, significant cold work hardening effect, and easy cracks.

(2) The thermal conductivity is worse than that of ordinary carbon steel, resulting in large deformation force, punching force and deep drawing force.

(3) The plastic deformation is severely hardened during deep drawing, and the thin plate is easy to wrinkle or drop when deep drawn.

(4) The deep-drawing die is prone to sticking tumors, resulting in severe scratches on the outer diameter of the parts.

(5) When deep drawing, it is difficult to achieve the expected shape.

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