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Xinzhe Metal Products offers machining services to industrial companies in China and is constantly accepting applications for machinist, welder/mechanical, and office positions. Additionally, we provide on-site machining services for our clients' facilities.

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Bolster Plate
A substantial metal block called the bolster plate, which is fixed and positioned on top of the press bed, is used to clamp the bottom of dies. Large presses (such those employed in the automobile sector) may be fitted with die cushions built into the bolster plate to apply blank holder or counter pull forces. This is required when deep drawing is done with a single acting press. The upper die is affixed to the reciprocating or moving part known as the ram/slide. When it comes to ensuring lengthy die life between die maintenance, ram or slide guidance is essential. On smaller presses, there are other slide guide options, including 4 point V-Gibs and 6 point square gibs.

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