Metal stamping components’ application field and production technology standards

Metal stamping components’ application field and production technology standards
We employ hardware stamping parts in every aspect of our lives, including:
1、There is a demand for plate thickness variation. Generally speaking, plates with smaller deviations will be chosen from within the permitted deviation range.
2、In the steel plate requirements, whether it is fixed length plate or coiled plate, the sales price is variable for materials of the same material and material thickness with various coil width. Thus, efforts should be made to construct the purchase volume width and attempt to select the volume width range without price increase based on the material usage rate in order to save expenses. For the fixed length plate, for instance, it is necessary to choose the right size and specification as much as feasible. Secondary cutting is not required to lower the cutting cost after the steel plant’s cutting is finished,When it comes to coiled plates, the uncoiling forming technique and coil specification should be chosen with the goal of minimizing secondary shearing burden and increasing working rate;
3、The foundation for evaluating the degree of deformation of stamping parts, planning processability, and creating process specifications is the determination of the size and shape of the expanded sheet metal of stamping parts. A suitable sheet shape can lead to significant improvements in the uneven distribution of deformation along the sheet, as well as improvements in the forming limit, lug height, and trimming allowance. Furthermore, if precise sheet metal dimensions and shapes can be provided for some sections that are immediately created after blanking, the number of die tests and mold adjustments can be decreased, which would speed up production and increase productivity.
Stamping parts are widely used in various fields such as auto parts, civil construction, mechanical parts, and hardware tools through low processing costs. With the advancement of science and technology, progressive dies, four-sided dies, etc. are playing an increasing role.

Post time: Jan-12-2024