Precision auto parts

With a focus on producing automobile parts for engine, suspension, and transmission applications, XZ Components guarantees that every one of our products satisfies the highest requirements for performance, safety, and dependability.
In addition to creating unique vehicle parts, we provide a large selection of conventional parts that are available for purchase. We provide the parts you require, like retaining rings and suspension springs with cold and hot wounds.
Our engineers and product development specialists offer the breadth of knowledge each client needs for an organized approach from design to manufacturing. From the beginning to the end, we can assist you with design, engineering, prototyping, and custom solutions.
dependable manufacturing assistance
We use very sophisticated, computer-based setup technologies and materials in our manufacturing process. Modern performance simulation and testing tools are also employed by us to guarantee enduring, dependable, and consistent performance. We consequently create goods that are more durable, lighter, and more affordable.
We are able to satisfy our customers’ demanding specifications and demands for product integrity in Germany, Japan, Korea, and the US thanks to our extensive technological knowledge.
We always follow customer and industry requirements when making automobile parts, and we use PPAP and other inspection techniques. Our objective is to consistently satisfy your needs in terms of quality, performance, and delivery. XZ Components provides both stock and bespoke parts for all your automotive application needs, ranging from off-road suspension, lift and lowering kits, restoration, and rebuilds.
Manufacturer of auto parts
We provide service to the light truck and automotive markets through our independent aftermarket businesses and worldwide OEM network. Get a price for a bespoke project or buy our OEM metal stampings, which are perfect for fittings from all the big brands.
The motivation behind all we do is innovation. Every one of our goods is produced in accordance with international specifications. Before final designs are produced, we can invest in simulation alternatives to address your most pressing competitive issues.

Post time: Dec-17-2023