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Material- Stainless steel 1.2mm



High degree-16mm


The products are hardware accessories, mechanical accessories and power machinery spare parts.

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Product Type customized product
One-Stop Service Mold development and design-submit samples-batch production-inspection-surface treatment-packaging-delivery.      
Process stamping,bending,deep drawing,sheet metal fabrication,welding,laser cutting etc.
Materials carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum,copper,galvanized steel  etc. 
Dimensions according to customer's drawings or samples.
Finish Spray painting, electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, powder coating, electrophoresis, anodizing, blackening, etc.
Application Area Auto parts, agricultural machinery parts, engineering machinery parts, construction engineering parts, garden accessories, environmentally friendly machinery parts, ship parts, aviation parts, pipe fittings, hardware tool parts, toy parts, electronic parts, etc.           


304 stainless steel stamping


304 stainless steel, the workhorse of the 300 SS series, is the most widely used alloy in the austenitic family and is used to make stamped and machined parts in corrosive and high-heat applications. Xinzhe Metal Stamping Parts manufactures and supplies 304 SS stamping parts, including automotive parts, construction machinery parts, construction engineering parts, hardware spare parts, electronic products, etc.

304 stainless steel is most commonly used for metal forming, welding, and custom stamping because it can be easily bent and stamped into most shapes.

304 stainless steel stamping features:

Exhibits high corrosion resistance.

high strength.

High temperature resistance.

Quality management


Vickers hardness instrument
Profile measuring instrument
Spectrograph instrument
Three coordinate measuring instrument

Vickers hardness instrument.

Profile measuring instrument.

Spectrograph instrument.

Three coordinate  instrument.

Shipment Picture


Production Process

01Mold design
02 Mould Processing
03Wire cutting processing
04Mold heat treatment

01. Mold design

02. Mould Processing

03. Wire cutting processing

04. Mold heat treatment

05Mold assembly
06Mold debugging

05. Mold assembly

06. Mold debugging

07. Deburring

08. electroplating

09 package

09. Product Testing

10. Package

Tool and Die Metal Stamping

As a tool & die metal stamping manufacturer, our in house tool and die shop has produced over 8000 different parts.

We use a proprietary tool and die system that saves our customers as much as 80% of conventional tooling cost.

As long as the tools are in our shop and the revision stays the same, we will pay for all repairs and maintenance because Certified "Life Time Tooling" Xinzhe Metal Stampings maintains title to the tools.

Most metals, including exotic high-temperature metals like Inconel, Hastelloy, and Haynes, as well as certain polymers like rubber and fiberglass, can be punched using tooling.

Our punch presses are frequently compatible with tooling supplied by the customer.  Allow us to collaborate with you to determine the most economical method of producing your die-and tool-metal stamping components. 


1. Professional R&D team - Our engineers provide unique designs for your products to support your business.

2. Quality Supervision Team - All products are strictly tested before being sent to ensure that all products run well.

3. Efficient logistics team - customized packaging and timely tracking ensure safety until you receive the product.

4. Independent after-sales team-providing timely professional services to customers 24 hours a day.

5. Professional sales team - the most professional knowledge will be shared with you to help you do business better with customers.


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