Custom metal deep drawing parts

With the development of society, stamping parts have been developed into various industries, and stamping parts can be seen everywhere in daily life. There are many kinds of stamping work pieces, which are used in all walks of life, and metal deep drawing parts are one of them. Metal deep drawing stamping is to use a stamping machine to deform plate-shaped metal materials into cylindrical, rectangular, trapezoidal, spherical and conical parts by using the process of pulling rings or metal molds. If combined with other stamping processes, more complex and precise parts can also be produced. Generally, the ductility of metal will directly affect the production efficiency and quality of deep drawing, so metal flakes are generally used as raw materials for stamping. The deep drawing parts process is a particularly attractive forming process because it saves resources. Common tensile materials include aluminum alloy, steel, zinc, copper and other metals.
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