• Punch with caution

    Punch with caution

    The advantages of punch presses, or stamping presses, include the ability to produce goods that cannot be produced mechanically through a variety of mold applications, high efficiency, and low technical requirements for operators. As a result, their applications are growing steadily more varied....
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  • Metal Stamping

    Metal Stamping

    . Placing flat sheet metal into a stamping press, often known as pressing, can be done in coil or blank form. The metal is shaped into the required shape in the press using a tool and die surface. Metal is shaped using stamping techniques such as punching, blanking, bending, coining, embossing, a...
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  • mechanical processing technology

    mechanical processing technology

    It refers to the whole process of making the shape, size, relative position and nature of the blank into a qualified part according to the pattern and size of the drawing by using the method of mechanical processing. The processing technology is the work that the craftsman needs to do before pro...
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  • Corporate culture

    Corporate culture

    “Corporate culture” refers to an organization’s philosophy and strategic plan. “Corporate culture” and “political program” are quite similar. “Corporate culture,” in the words of a child, is similar to “family culture.”(auto par...
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  • The difference between progressive die (continuous die) and composite die

    1. Different in nature 1). Composite mold: A mold structure in which the punching machine completes multiple processes such as blanking and punching in one stroke.(compression molding composites/ carbon fiber mold) 2). The progressive die is also called the continuous die. The word explanat...
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  • Effective ways to improve economic efficiency include

    Effective ways to improve economic efficiency include

    1.Actively use contemporary management techniques and look for management benefits.( wago din rail) The enterprise’s enduring theme is management, which is also a crucial assurance of the enterprise’s smooth operation. Whether management is efficient and effective will have a direc...
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  • Edit Precautions for stamping parts processing process

    Edit Precautions for stamping parts processing process

    Precautions for stamping parts processing process(Sheet bending、sheet metal press): 1. Semi-automatic and manual punching machines must be equipped with a two-hand brake switch, and it is strictly forbidden to pedal or start the switch punching with one hand.  (stai...
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  • Persistence is the key to success

    Persistence is the key to success

    To succeed, persistence is the most important thing. Don't be half-hearted. If you want to buy a horse in Beijing today and a saddle in Guangdong tomorrow, you will get nothing. As long as you persist in the professional field you are good at for more than ten years, yo...
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  • the trend of automobile industy

    the trend of automobile industy

    1. Digital technology-based increased production of electric vehicles Vehicles continue to include more digital technology from automakers. Aside from Tesla and Google, other tech firms are developing electric and autonomous automobiles. As a result, it is obvious that cars made in 2023 and be...
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  • business management

    business management

    The purpose of enterprise management is to bring all management activities of the enterprise into effective track management. That is: on the effective management track, concentrate enterprise resources, make effective decisions, and play a role. From the perspective of management, the goal of bu...
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  • Analysis of blanking deformation process

    Analysis of blanking deformation process

      Blanking is a stamping process that uses a die to separate sheets from each other. Blanking mainly refers to blanking and punching. The punching or process part punching the desired shape from the sheet along the closed contour is called blanking, and the hole punching the desired shape f...
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  • Step into the basics of stamping

    Step into the basics of stamping

    What exactly is a stamping manufacturer? Working Theory: In essence, stamping manufacturer is a specialized establishment where various parts are produced using the stamping method. The majority of metals, including steel, aluminum, gold, and sophisticated alloys, can be used for stamping. What i...
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